The PT SportSuite Ecosystem

Reliable AWS cloud infrastructure

  • Digital media assets hub
  • Bulk upload facility (video, PDF, images, audio)
  • Integration into media streaming services for future video on demand (VOD)

Digital content workflow processes and platforms

  • Content management systems (CMS), video scheduling
  • Mobile apps, web apps, social

Internal mobile collaboration and media distribution platform

  • Production and accessibility of mobile media IP
  • Access media archive via mobile

Mobile app community platform (external and internal)

  • Promotional: fan engagement and contribution
  • Operational: security personnel, hospitality, marketing, scouts/recruiters
  • Motivational: Players and coaches

Video streaming (Live and VOD)

  • To web and mobile apps
  • Dynamic advertising integration and scheduling
  • Regional digital rights management

Augmented reality scanning

  • Bridges gap between physical (print or packaging) and digital solutions
  • Promotional and incentivised campaigns
  • Fan Challenges to collect scannable objects over a period of time

Monetisation capabilities

  • Advertising platform (web, apps, video)
  • Subscriptions, voucher enablement, premium services
  • App-store integration for in-app purchases
  • Private payment gateway for web purchases

Personalisation and notification capabilities

  • Personalised content preferences in the app
  • Targeted push notifications based on user analytics and actions taken


  • Convergence of web, app, UGC, AR+ scan analytical data
  • Audience profiling