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PT SportSuite is an end-to-end digital platform that connects the tradition of the club, the passion of the players, and the loyalty of the fans, providing sporting organisations with the tools to become media powerhouses and establish sustainable digital sporting communities. Create a content ecosystem that allows you to collect, manage, engage and share digital media with your communities like never before.

Digital Communities

Digital communities are an extension of the bond between the fan and the team they support. Create a platform where your community can engage to unlock previously unseen content on a new level to what’s being achieved

and Collaboration

Enable players, fans and members of your organisation to share media in a private, branded community platform and provide editorial and scheduling workflow to re-publish content on a rolling media stream to targeted channels

Media Management

Take ownership of valuable media IP by standardising the way you collect, store and access incoming content in an easily accessible digital archive


Incentivise fans to interact with your organisation or sponsors in new and exciting ways through unique augmented reality competitions and services

Content Distribution

Provide your mobile community with breaking news by either integrating your website’s existing news feed and live streaming content. Feel empowered knowing that premium content can be unlocked by members or subscribers

User Experience

Allow for easy access via Twitter, Facebook and Google accounts to personalise their experiences and feel a part of your club’s identity and activities


Consolidate e-commerce channels like retail merchandising and online ticketing into a centralised mobile app platform and allow dynamic advertising for sponsors to have additional exposure across your digital community


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