Digitally accelerating sports organisations

Stream Publish Monetise Engage

PT SportSuite is a digital sports consultancy with a modular digital media ecosystem - powered by AWS technology

PT provides the platforms and expertise that enable sports organisations to meet the biggest digital trends in sportstech


Digital Media

Simplify media collection, sharing and management with multiple stakeholders


Digital Asset

Protect the future value of media IP in PT's AWS-cloud DAM solution


Video OTT

Monetise your media rights with world-class D2C streaming


Mobile App

Build a fan community around world-class, mobile-first user experiences



An exciting, rewarding web experience that promotes engagement on a new level


Fan and Brand

Transform passive followers into engaging, registered fans

As a conglomerate of 13 start-ups – including our League Office and 12 teams – it was important to find content workflow solutions that enabled us to do a lot more with a lot less.

PT SportSuite’s ecosystem of products help make collection, organization, and distribution more efficient.

Nishant Nereyeth, MLR Director, operations and marketing

Digitally accelerate into the future

The battle for sports supremacy is no longer fought solely on the field, but in the world of digital too. Position your organisation as one of the most digitally enabled sports entities in the world

Collaborate on a new level

Bring the world of pro sport to life in your own multi-tenant ecosystem. Sharing your magical sporting content with all stakeholders has never been this easy.

Head in the cloud

Legendary sporting stories live forever – as do the sportsmen and women who provide them. Unlock the power and value of your media assets while protecting these stories for future generations.

A leader in sports video experiences

Bring the world of pro sport to life with streaming and on-demand video that brings your community closer to the team than ever before.

For sports fans who are digital first

Today’s fan wants content 24/7 and the choice in how and when they consume it. Establish the platforms that empower you to meet that need.

Give fans a platform to tell their stories

Your fans are with you for every pass, tackle and lung-busting run. They celebrate a hot streak of form; they suffer with you when you’re desperate for a win. Bring their passion to life.

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