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PT SportSuite is a modular digital media ecosystem, powered by AWS cloud, connecting the tradition of the club, the passion of the players, and the loyalty of the fans, providing sporting organisations with the tools to become media powerhouses and establish sustainable digital sporting communities. Create a content ecosystem that allows you to collect, manage, engage and share digital media with your communities like never before.

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Club Zone

Become a sports media powerhouse

The battle for sports supremacy is no longer fought solely on the field, but in the world of digital too. Get in the game with a platform that turns your sport organisation into a media-savvy powerhouse

Team Zone

Take your fans behind the scenes

Magic can happen anytime, anywhere – at practice, on the bus, in the changing room. Your players and staff are all potential content creators – give them the tools to capture those moments

Player Zone

Empower your players to connect with the fans

For your fans, the players are more than just sportsmen – they’re warriors, entertainers, heroes. Bring them together so they can connect and share the good times – and the bad.

Fan Zone

Give fans a platform to share multimedia

Your fans are with you for every pass, tackle and lung-busting run. They celebrate a hot streak of form; they suffer with you when you’re desperate for a win. Allow them to tell their stories.

Fan Challenge

Reward the fans for their contributions

The fans are the lifeblood of your organisation – and their loyalty is unwavering. Place them at the centre of your thinking by rewarding them with unique incentives that set you apart

Augmented Reality

Bridge the world of print and digital media

Putting the fan first isn’t just a decision; it’s a mindset shift towards innovation. Embrace AR scanning and connect your fans to the organisation and your partners in new and exciting ways

News Feed

Keep users up to date with breaking news and exclusive content

For your fans, sport is more than what happens on match day: sport is a love affair that never ends. Your fans want the news, the gossip, the behind-the-scenes action – give it to them 24/7

Video Streaming

Broadcast video content to your digital community

Bring the world of pro sport to life with streaming and on-demand video that brings your community closer to the team than ever before. Think exclusive interviews, coaching masterclasses and more. The options are endless…

Dynamic Advertising

Provide a platform for advertisers to connect with your audience

Survival is becoming harder in an increasingly competitive global entertainment market – even for the world’s biggest sports brands. Bring the sponsors on board with dynamic advertising across mobile web and video


Turn your mobile platform into a retail destination

Your fans support you through thick and thin. Make it easier for them to do so by keeping them informed and allowing them to purchase their next replica kit or match ticket directly from within your club app



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