The future of live and on-demand streaming for sport

PT Video OTT is a uniquely modular D2C streaming platform that maximises the value of your media rights by providing unforgettable streaming experiences for your fans

Video OTT sports streaming solution

Are you a league, association, tournament or club looking to establish your own branded streaming platform?


Become a leader in D2C sports video experiences for your fan community. The potential and opportunity to scale is there.


A uniquely cost-effective and modular structure gives you the power to configure the perfect solution for your brand and fans.


PT’s Video OTT Match Centre goes further, integrating with stats providers, retail solutions and PT’s Player Profile module to provide more for the fans.


Maximise the commercial potential of your media rights with flexible subscription models, dynamic advertising, e-commerce integration and more.

Video OTT D2C Streaming Platform
Video OTT D2C Streaming Platform
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Live and on-demand streaming for global squash community

“PT SportSuite have helped bring our vision to life, and we look forward to collaborating with them to keep building more experiences for our fans”
Alex Gough

Video OTT web modules/mobile apps

We can provide a robust and cost-effective mechanism to distribute your video content. PT’s Video OTT modules include payment gateways for subscription services and voucher code capabilities, allowing fans and season-ticket holders to bypass unnecessary commercial obstacles to access premium video content

TV / Video OTT Web
Streaming platform for sports
Video OTT streaming apps for sports
TV / Video OTT Mobile Apps

Video OTT e-commerce

We won’t stop at providing a reliable live stream or branded video player. We also help facilitate all payments, subscriptions and support desk queries on behalf of rights-holders – maximising the monetisation potential of your video content.

Stripe Integration
Video OTT sports streaming monetisation
Video OTT sports streaming solution - subscriptions
Flexible Packages/Subscriptions

Video player/playlist management

Manage your own branded video player and playlist with the simple, secure web dashboard. The PT SportSuite Video Player is an extension of the Video JS Player – with multiple configuration options to personalise your branded player, enable monetisation and manage video content.

Video Player Configuration
Video OTT streaming solution for sports - video player
Video OTT streaming platform for sport - playlist management
Video Playlist CMS

PT Video Connect

Integration with PT Video Connect APIs, SDKs and other developer resources

Through the provision and licensing of APIs, we support customisation and integration with PT’s AWS video ecosystem.

With VIDEO CONNECT token-based REST APIs, licensed users can:

Download the Video OTT brochure

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Media rights management

Protect your valuable video media IP in our AWS compliant DAM – a central, cloud-based video archive that you can access anytime, anywhere, on any system or device. Provide a single view of your video assets in the cloud for multiple users, with advanced video services making your assets infinitely searchable and discoverable.

Integrated cloud media library
Video OTT sports streaming platform - cloud services
Video OTT D2C streaming solution - AI services
Advanced Video Services

Live broadcast from remote location

Initiate your own branded live mobile broadcast from the side of the field – within your own video OTT platform

With our Mobile Video OTT solution, you can engage with your community anytime, anywhere, on any device. Your audience wants to be included in the action – get deeper insight and material while connecting your fans with their favourite brand.

D2C streaming for sports - remote broadcast

Video migration to AWS cloud

Ready to become a leader in sports video experiences for your fan community?