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Where do you find sports communities? A sports community exist anywhere sportsmen and women, and fans get together to play, or share their opinions, their favourite sporting moments, their passion. A sports community exist in your home, at your office, in a park, in a stadium … and online.

These digital sports communities give supporters a platform to do what they love 24 hours a day, seven days a week – talk about sport.

PT SportSuite is passionate about bringing digital communities together. With over 10 years’ experience digitally transforming traditional publishing and broadcasting groups, the team behind PT SportSuite are excited to step into the sporting arena and positively disrupt the industry with the only complete end-to-end digital sports platform offering on the market today.

This was the motivation behind our PT SportSuite digital platform; as a team we felt it was the ideal time for us to affect digital change within the sports industry. We want to help sports organisations place their digital communities front and centre.


In the PT SportsSuite team, you’ll find an ex-sports editor, a former international triathlete, multi-stage trail runners, not to mention a healthy dose of the usual inter-office banter over the weekend’s sports results. We don’t just talk sport; we live and breathe it.

Like many in the PT SportSuite team, CEO Richard Cheary’s connection to sport runs deep: “We were taught from an early age what it meant to be part of a team and experienced how sport could bring a group of diverse individuals together.”


We want to give sporting organisations the digital foundation to increase media production, improve media asset management, strategically and cost effectively deliver an experience for their digital communities across mobile, web, social and video streaming.

We believe that sports organisations benefit from establishing digital communities in a way that is sustainable and rewards loyal fans with great content and innovative brand experiences, while allowing them to share their own sporting stories with their fellow supporters.

“We’ve always wanted to play a digital role in the sports industry - one that would be compelling, disruptive and provide a unique value proposition. We believe that sports organisations can benefit from a change in mindset; by behaving and operating like modern media groups. Although we’re a software engineer-based business, our passion for sport and extreme lifestyle is a part of our DNA. We’re excited to be stepping onto the sports field!”
Rich Cheary
CEO, PT SportSuite


It doesn’t matter if you’re a school sports team or a world famous professional sports brand, we want to work with you to bring your community together. PT SportSuite’s scalability means we can help you achieve your objectives, no matter how big or small.

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